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Holland and the ecological landscapes
An appriaisal of recent developments in the layout and management of urban open space in the low countries
Delftse Universitaire Pers
Hoofdstuk 2, pagina 31
Ruff, Allan R.

1987 holland ecological landscape

  • le Roy gebied Lewenborg in Groningen
  • Le Roy tuin Kennedylaan in Heerenveen

Niveau 1

In 1979 Allan Ruff wrote a littLe book which be publshed himself.
It was called "Holland and the Ecological Landscape". As the book's title indicates. "The Ecological Landscape" is an idea, a specific notion of designing open Urban space. Experients in urban environmental design in the Netherlands have attracted a great deal of attention abroad, Allan Ruff' s book being just one reaction. But how are the Dutch themselves coping with the heritage of the sixties and seventies?
Since 1973 Allan Ruff has been observing developments in the Netherlands from year to year, he has noticed that many of the originally introduced ideas are not being carried out, nor are they being improved. It is time to draw up a balance: this revised version of the 1979 book is the result.

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