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Slow Reader
A Resource for Design Thinking and Practice
  • Pais, Anna Paula (ed)
  • Strauss, Carolyn F. (ed)

Slow Reader

Ecokathedraal in Mildam
Niveau 2

Slow Reader offers alternative visions and variant rhythms for reflecting upon and (re-)imagining the spatial, relational, and temporal potentials of a complex, interdependent world. A diverse and inspiring array of voices—by turns poetic and pragmatic, analytical and aspirational—converge in this volume to awaken new understandings, challenge comfort zones, spark curiosity and debate, and incite further investigation of ‘Slow’ approaches to living, now and into the future.

Including a contribution by Julian Raxworthy see:

Essays in Slow Reader

Zelfstandige (gepubliceerde) essays en/of hoofdstukken uit boeken waarin het gedachtengoed en/of projecten van Louis le Roy worden besproken. Voor Le Roy relevante hoofdstukken uit de boekenlijst categorie 1-3.